Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Keys to the Parallel Universe- Kindle Edition

What is a parallel universe?

This refers to a universe with worlds similar to ours where we also exist but, things may or may not be a bit different. A parallel universe is a part of fiction and only time will tell if parallel universes exist. Scientists today have a vague idea on this issue.

In this meditation program, I have bravely ventured to give an explanation of the phenomena of the parallel universe, which may or may not exist. I have based my complete writing on the premise that such parallel universes exist, maybe in very different forms, so it is our individual ability to discover these new dimensions.

This program has been specifically written with the intention of opening a person’s mind to the real or the unreal possibility of the existence of a parallel universe. I have attempted to make this quest for the Parallel Universe as interesting and believable as possible. It is similar to a story or a novel, a song or a movie, which we see, hear and believe.

Belief is a strong factor in whether we believe in something or not. We believe in things we do not see physically, we just know they exist. We believe in God, we believe in Electricity and we believe that we are alive, we believe that we will one day all reach the comforts of that special dimension called Heaven as well. The fact is that we have the faith and that matters most in life. We all need to believe in something positive and to have faith in someone and something positive, so that we can one day change our lives for the better. I do hope that you enjoy this course on the Parallel Universe.

Keys to the Parallel Universe

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